• Meditate with Candice

Taking 15 minutes out of your day to meditate can lead to profound internal shifts.

I'll let you in on a little secret - you don't need to be a monk to meditate and you don't need hours alone atop a mountain! You don't need anything special, there are no particular skills you need and you don't need to be able to clear your mind.  Anyone can meditate! 

I created this simple and affordable membership with the busy woman in mind. Our schedules are busy, our mind is busy, our commitments are significant. This membership is accessible at any time through our private facebook group. You can join live or follow the replays when works best for you. 

For a taste of my meditation style head to my home page and give my heart centered meditation a go. 

Meditation and my story: When I first began my regular meditation practice I was at a point in my where I just didn't know what to do. My life from the outside was great, I was ticking off all the things on the life checklist, but on the inside I felt lost and anxious. 

For me, meditation was an intuitive leap, I needed to reconnect with myself and create a space I could safely bring down the scaffolding I had build around my heart. I needed something that would keep my anxiety at bay and allow me to see my life more clearly and purposefully. Meditation helped, a lot. 

I became fascinated by how something so simple could make such a profound change in my life. I began to feel connected to who I really was, I began to chip away at the armor around my heart, I felt calmer, my inner monologue became kinder, I started to heal, I started to grow, I started to rebirth in a life with joy and purpose in my heart. 

My fascination and love of meditation led me to ongoing study to become a qualified Meditation Teacher and I now specialise in heart led meditations that incorporate self-awareness, relaxation, healing and compassion.   

If you have been feeling a little anxious lately, self-critical, lost, or disconnected from your calm our Meditation Membership might be just what you need. 

You will have access to the full library of meditation to date, as well as weekly compassion led mindful living exercises. 

I go live at 6am AEST Mon-Fri, you are welcome to join live, or follow the replay at a time that is most convenient for you (most do). 

Download The Kindness Couch app to your mobile phone or tablet and incorporate meditation into your healing journey for $15 a month. All of our meditations a designed specifically to support healing and personal growth.