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Bookings are open for 2024, email Candice at thekindnesscouch@gmail.com for any specific questions you might have.

You can book at the 'Book Now" link and please complete the intake form at the "Intake Form " link below.  

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Flexible Therapy Options 

Therapy looks different for everyone. Here are some option to consider. Why not send me an email and we can arrange a time to have a quick chat and see what might be the best option for you - email thekindnesscouch@gmail.com

Breakthrough Therapy Package

3 x 2hr sessions using the TRTP process, working with the unconscious to resolve anxiety, depression & trauma related issues. Sessions are 1 week apart. $999. More on TRTP below! 

Individual Sessions 

Packages aren't your jam, that's okay too. One on one 1hr sessions are available for $190 per session. 

1:1 Packages

Grief Relief - Start processing your grief and reflecting on the time spent with lost loved ones over two sessions, focusing on gratitude $289. 

DeTrauma - Two one-hour sessions can help ease the impact of a single traumatic event $289.

Self-Love Power Session - During a single 1.5hr session, transition from feeling inadequate to believing in yourself as a deserving individual $199.

EFT and Self-Hypno for pain management - Over three one-hour sessions experience and learn Tapping and Self-Hypnosis for pain management $399. 

Emotional Reset - In two one-hour sessions, address unresolved emotions related to life events, for example new job, parenting, relationship breakup $289.  

What to expect working 1:1 with Candice 

Safe Space 

Zero judgment, no right or wrong. Our sessions are a safe and confidential space to be who you are and share who you want to be. The human experience is messy and this is a safe space to let all the mess out and tackle your unmet needs. 


We all have parts within that are holding onto old hurt, pain (mental and physical) limiting beliefs and insecurities. The techniques we use work with the unconscious and to stop you from feeling stuck. 


My holistic approach to sessions allows not only healing and reconnect to self and purpose, but also supports habit and lifestyle change that aligns with who you are becoming in life. 

The mind-body-soul connection is essential to overcome pain, anxiety and trauma. 


I believe that every person has the wisdom within to find the right answers for themselves, this is the basis for all my therapy work. I support clients to achieve their goals. I can also work alongside your existing medical professionals in a complimentary capacity.  


For years now I have been working with people with trauma, anxiety and depressions and find myself doing course after course to find something that helps my clients quickly and effectively for the long term. When I first heard about TRTP I thought it must be too good to be true, so I signed up to receive the therapy myself and I was blown away with the results. After that I simply had to invest in the training, and I am so glad I did. 

I often refer to TRTP as my Breakthrough Therapy Package, because that is exactly what it does. It breaks through all the baggage we carry and basically does a 'factory reboot' on ourselves so we can finally open up to all the possibilities in life!

Over three sessions, about two hours each, we resolve anxiety, depression and trauma related issues. 

Session 1 - involves changing the way you identify with yourself - reconfiguring the limiting or damaging beliefs you hold about yourself. This is done in a guided, safe space that leaves you feeling changed. For many people this session alone is life changing.

Session 2 - involves taking the emotional charge out of the past. The past events are resolved and the body and the unconscious move to a state of ‘It’s over… I’m safe now.’ The sympathetic nervous system is returned to a state of calm. Many experience a state of calm and empowerment for the first time in years.

Session 3 - is a no holds barred look into the future, focusing on what you want it to look like, now that you are no longer limited by your own limiting beliefs about yourself and are free of the pain of the past. Leaving you feeling excited and ready to live your best life!

This therapy package utilises the power of the subconscious through the TRTP technique for profound and long lasting change and is unlike talk therapy where you need to relive the past.

If you are SERIOUS about overcoming your anxiety, depression or trauma related issues and creating a new future this therapy is for you.

Over three sessions, approximately one week apart, move from a state of ‘I’m Not safe!’ to, ‘It’s over… I’m safe now…’ Calm returns, on all levels. It's like hitting the reset button on yourself. 

Email Candice at thekindnesscouch@gmail.com to start and finally ditch the baggage you have been carrying around for far too long!

Other modalities I can use to support your individual needs 


Clinical Hypnotherapy is an effective modality to support people to tackle a range of different issues including Anxiety, Trauma, Pain Management, Grief, and Lifestyle Change. 

Health Coaching

Coaching is a conversational technique to help you explore deeply and compassionately your life and goals. Lifestyle changes are often a part of the healing journey and Coaching is a beautiful technique to ensure the changes align well with your needs.  

DeTrauma Technique

The DeTrauma Technique is a unique and highly effective Therapy technique to eliminate the emotional charge of trauma.  

Timeline Therapy 

Timeline Therapy is a powerful unconscious process to unlock reoccurring emotional blocks.  It can be used to overcome a wide range of issues from overwhelming and ongoing emotions, compulsions, and bad habits. 


I support client to learn self-meditation techniques that support their individual needs. I also offer a Meditation Membership that includes guided meditation. 


The Emotional Freedom Technique is a unique mind-body process to release blocked energy from the body.  It works by tapping the bodies meridian points to support the body to relax while talking to the issue you are working to overcome. It is also an effective pain management tool.    


Neural Linguistic Programming involves  a number of techniques to rewire neural pathways in the brain to fast track results. 


Because it's worth mentioning again! 

Yes, I also do quit smoking hypnosis. Here is a rundown of Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis with me:

- I take on clients who are READY and SERIOUS about quitting. 

- I will ask clients to cut back on their smoking in the day leading up to our session and to take note of cravings, moods and what triggers wanting to smoke. 

- Sessions will go for 1.5hrs and will involve chatting about and identifying strategies to overcome what was identified in the homework above. We will also identify WHY you want to quit as this helps to personalise your stop smoking script. 

- You will receive an audio of your hypnotherapy to listen to following your session. 

- The 1.5hr session is $289, including recording. Email me at thekindnesscouch@gmail.com to book in.