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I am currently taking a waitlist for client new clients, commencing from 2023. Please join the waitlist by sending me an email at thekindnesscouch@gmail.com

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What to expect working 1:1 with Candice 

Safe Space 

Zero judgment, no right or wrong. Our sessions are a safe space to be who you are and share who you want to be. The human experience is messy and this is a safe space to let all the mess out and tackle your unmet needs. 


We all have parts within that are holding onto old hurt, limiting beliefs and insecurities. The techniques used in session along with Coaching conversations will nurture these parts to stop you from feeling stuck. 


My holistic approach to sessions allows not only healing and reconnect to self and purpose, but also supports habit and lifestyle change that aligns with who you are becoming in life. 


I believe that every person has the wisdom within to find the right answers for themselves. I will never tell you what to do, but I will help you explore more deeply into yourself and your life while holding a compassionate space. 

We all have an internal roadmap etched into our brains and it is shaped by our childhood, schooling, friendships, work environment and all sorts of other experiences. I work with women to rewire their unconscious thinking, create new habits and beliefs in themselves to rebirth into a happier, more connected self. 

Every person is a unique individual with different experiences, desires and needs. The number of sessions you may need will depend on your individual goals. Some clients book for only a few sessions to address a current goal or situation, while others looking to deeper work may require months or even years of support. 

Healing and rebirthing into a new you can be a messy and confusing process. In our first call we will explore your individual circumstances and develop a plan to meet your needs, naturally this plan can change throughout our time working together if new challenges or goals arise. 

All sessions are held via Zoom. 

Modalities I can use to support your individual needs 


Neural Linguistic Programming involves  a number of techniques to rewire neural pathways in the brain to fast track results. 

Timeline Therapy 

Timeline Therapy is a powerful unconscious process to unlock reoccurring emotional blocks.  


The Emotional Freedom Technique is a unique mind-body process to re-establish energy flow in the body that is blocked and stored in the body as the result of negative experiences.  


Coaching is a conversational technique to help you explore deeply and compassionately your life and goals. I hold a number of Life, Health and Practitioner Coaching qualifications


In addition to Clinical Hypnotherapy, I am qualified in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.  


Breathing correctly ensured oxygen flow within the body is optimal and also helps to activate your bodies relaxation response so your mind and body work effectively. 


I support client to learn self-meditation techniques that support their individual needs. I also offer a Meditation Membership that includes guided meditation. 


Reiki healing is an energy healing modality. As a level 2 practitioner I channel reiki to my clients throughout our sessions for additional healing support. 

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