Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain - Mindset 

Candice Fraser
06.03.23 04:15 AM Comment(s)

Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain - Mindset 

I have mentioned previously that thoughts and mindset play a role in chronic pain, and I wanted to touch on that briefly as it is something we will chat a lot about in therapy. As a part of our hypnotherapy for chronic pain we can instill suggestions that support a healthier mindset around pain.

Thoughts are the words that go through your mind. Sometimes you are aware of your thoughts, sometimes not, in fact many thoughts happen automatically, habitually. However, you are often aware of the impact of your thoughts by the way you feel.

For example, if you are stuck in traffic and running late for a meeting you might think to yourself "I hope someone hasn't had an accident up ahead." Or you might think to yourself "What idiot is causing all this traffic, my day is busy enough without whatever stupidity is causing this traffic." These two thoughts will cause you to feel differently. The situation is the same, the words in your mind are different, the way you feel depends on the words in your mind.

The thoughts you have about pain will impact how intense the pain you are experiencing is and how it makes you feel.

Over the past 20 years scientists have been uncovering the thoughts that are most closely associated with pain. If you want to learn more about these please send me an email to thekindnesscouch@gmail.com and I will send through a little handout with more information.