Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain - The Pain Gate 

Candice Fraser
05.03.23 04:05 AM Comment(s)

The Pain Gate

Over the last few posts, we have explored how sensations in the body are sent as messages up the spine and into the brain and then the brain decides if the sensation is simply a sensation or pain…

But did you know the amount of information that is allowed to reach the brain greatly depends on pain gate in the spinal cord. When the pain gate is more open higher levels of pain are experienced. When the gates are more closed, pain messages are restricted. Being physically active and engaged in non-pain activities tend to close the pain gate.

Unfortunately for many people with chronic pain they find themselves in a vicious cycle, they become worried about the pain and the brain responds by opening the pain gate and allowing more pain messages to be experienced, which then leads to more worry, disengaging from physical activity and non-pain related activities which then opens the gate even further.

Chronic pain is complicated, there’s no doubt about it. There are many moving parts, the body-brain-pain connection, your thoughts and mindset, physical activity, your personal coping responses to pain, lifestyle factors all play a big part in managing chronic pain. Hypnotherapy for chronic pain can support change in all these areas.

The research shows that for hypnotherapy for chronic pain to be effective you generally require 4 to 10 sessions. The exact number you will require will not be known until into your treatment. For some, four sessions will see a dramatic improvement and together with the hypnotherapy recordings for home use you will improve your situation. For others, after four sessions you may feel like you are just getting started and want to build on the benefits you are starting to see or even increase the scope of your goals.

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Candice Fraser