Hypnotherapy for Pain - Coping with Pain 
Just like our thoughts and our mindset, the way we cope with pain will directly impact how chronic pain impacts your life.
Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain - Mindset 
I have mentioned previously that thoughts and mindset play a role in chronic pain, and I wanted to touch on that briefly as it is something we will chat a lot about in therapy. As a part of our hypnotherapy for chronic pain we can instill suggestions that support a healthier mindset around pain.
Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain - The Pain Gate 
Did you know the amount of pain information that is allowed to reach the brain greatly depends on pain gate in the spinal cord.
Chronic Pain and The Brain 
Did you know that pain is just a sensation until certain structures of the brain work together and become active. It is the brain that decides which sensations are pain and which are not.
Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain - The Brain, Body, Pain Connection 
Unfortunately, about 1 in 5 adults in Australia will experience chronic pain. It is a complex condition that is experienced differently person to person.

Chronic Pain may be caused by illness, musculoskeletal problems, surgery, injury, cancer, and sometimes there is no apparent cause.

Chronic pain c...